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alyssa_faye_fc's Journal

Alyssa Faye FannClub. With two 'N's. Or ens.
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It's a commuinty all about Aly! Sort of. Whitney is the president, this was decided sometime ago, but now we've actually made a fanclub for Aly. It's so Whitney can the the president of something.

1. Worship Aly with all your worshipping powers.

2. Listen to your president. Your president is Whitney.

3. Listen to Sugarcult no matter what.

4. It is a plus if you are an Emo.

5. If you know Aly, that is definitly a plus, but not required.

6. If you are going to post, you should be happy, or hyper, or such as.

I think that is enough rules. yeah. Ummmmmm. Ok. I love you all!!!!

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